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All engine components are checked for correct sizing and center-to-center distances.

Components checked:

  • Rods - Big & Small End
  • Main Housing Bores
  • Piston Pin Housing Bores
  • Piston Pin Size
  • Compression Height
    Crankshaft Stroke
  • Crankshaft Journels
  • Camshaft Joirnels
  • Camshaft Housing Bores
  • Cylinder Bores
  • Lifter Bore Housings
  • Lifter OD's
  • Crankshaft Stroke Clearance
  • Crankshaft Counterweight Clearance
  • Rod to Cam Clearances
  • Rod to Block Clearances
  • Complete Engine Markup
  • Configure Compression Ratio
  • Degrees Camshaft using Audie CamPro Plus computer Cam program with complete printout of openings and closings. (For additional fee, all cylinders can be checked and complete printout showing all cylinder valve openings and closings.)
  • All valve to piston clearances are checked on the degreesing operation using the check spring method.
  • Rings checked and filed as needed
  • All bearing oil clearances are checked with dial bore gauge
  • All engines are painted to customer's preference and assembled in a clean environment, using Torco Assembly Lube and Comp CAM Lifter Lube
  • Engine oiling systems are primed before starting
  • All blocks are spray washed and all oil galleys are thoroughly scrubbed with bristle brushes. Cylinder Bores are washed with soap and water before assembly.
  • All internal parts are soap and water washed before assembly.


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