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    All work done on a Sunnen CRG-920 Grinder
  • All surfaces are ground straight and square to obtain proper seating for heat transfer and load bearing strength
  • All bolt holes are champhered anparting surfaces back cut to prevent bearing tearing on installation
  • All main caps are ground using a Dial Bore Depth Gauge to remove .010 for align boring
  • Rod caps and rod parting surfaces are ground square

The Sunnen CRG-9200 Cap and Rod Grinder handles main bearing caps as well as con rods. It cuts con rod parting faces square and straight - just like new. The CRG-920 saves time and money because it simplifies and speeds up line honing of main bearing bores.

The CRG-9200 first grinds a reference surface square to the parting face of the main bearing cap. The parting face is then ground from this square, accurate reference surface. The original relationship between parting face and bore wall is maintained. Grinding the parting surface of the main bearing caps leaves all the main bearing bores "undersize" when caps are bolted back in place. The main bearing bores are then line honed.


  • Now handles main bearing caps up to 9.2 inches (234 mm)
  • Cuts main bearing and con rod caps and rods of all sizes from subcompact up through big Cummins diesels
  • Hardened steel face plate and locating pin assures top accuracy over a long, trouble-free life
  • Fast-cutting, long-life grinding wheel feeds in .001" increments
  • Only one setting of feed wheel is needed for cutting a complete set of caps and rods
  • The fast action clamp locks cap or rod securely in place
  • During operation, the cast aluminum shroud and safety guard surrounds the cutting wheel
  • Grinding dust and chips are exhausted into a grit collector


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